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Thomas tells us today about his trip to Italy...
Awakened from its slumber...
A very impressive Fiat project
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After graduating from school, the family decided to make Nicco's dream of owning a Fiat 500 come true - a dream that he had cherished since he was four years old...
Today's customer story is about a family that even has two Fiats 500 F; one in their hometown of Rome, and one in Ostuni, Puglia.
Today's story is about the restoration project of our Dutch customer Peter Welter.
Today we show you some pages from the photo album of a real Fiat 850 enthusiast; our long-standing customer Rainer Derksen.
Today we would like to introduce you to a completely unusual customer from our spare parts business...
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Once upon a time...
We wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year!
This beautiful Fiat 600 D from 1966 belongs to our customer Christian, who extensively restored it with his father.
Anyone dealing with old cars knows what it's all about when they address the difficult task of getting some spare parts and special tools. With around 4.000 products, we are very proud of our shop range, but that doesn't mean that we don't have to be inventive sometimes!
We received these beautiful pictures over the course of the year from various customers who viewed and photographed Fiats.
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My first car

We got these beautiful old pictures from Peter Lührs, our colleague's father. A Fiat 600 was his first car back then. Unfortunately there are no photos of the original car, but there are many wonderful memories...
We are currently expanding our warehouse!
We received the photo of this beautiful oldie from our customer Jean-Luc Cencetti from Luxembourg.

Fiat, ti amo!

Our customer Carmen Bunse is a passionate Fiat driver. Here she writes what her Fiat means to her.
Do you have a Fiat fan among your friends or family members and are looking for the perfect gift?
Who has ever overhauled a carburetor and ended up wondering how to put all the parts back together properly?
One of our customers repaired this Fiat all by himself
Today we would like to share a travel report from Reimund Limbacher with you. Last autumn he drove from Ingolstadt to Sicily and back with his wife - in their Fiat 500 from 1972!
This interesting article explains the history of the Fiat 600 and, more importantly, contains a gallery of 42 historic Fiat photographs
Despite the bumps, one particular memory stuck with me that I can still recall like it was yesterday: the first time I drove Fiat 126p...
Today we would like to share some beautiful pictures which our longtime customer Jürgen Maekeler sent us.
A short and interesting video about the Fiat 500
We received these amazing photos from Anna in San Francisco; a Fiat 600 cabriolet with details in wood!
Did you know that there is a Lego version of the Fiat 500?